Champion Beach - Davie Division

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Champion Beach - Davie Division

Davie Beach Volleyball Program

Our program is designed for the beginner/intermediate athlete who is new to the game of beach volleyball or who want to improve their game.  It is also for those athletes who want to increase their Volleyball IQ; and become a more versatile player.
The program runs from June 3rd – July 31st
Cost of the program is $225 (Covers Coaches Fee, Court rental, equipment, insurance, etc.)
Beach Volleyball $40 (optional – if you would like to purchase your own)

We will have 2 practices a week:  Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Depending on the number of participants, we may have 2 sessions per evening.  Our goal is to
have no more than 15-20 players per court. The first session will be 530-7pm and the second
session if needed would be 7-830pm.

By limiting the number of participants per session we can ensure everyone gets a lot of touches
and are learning the fundamentals of the beach game.

Each practice will include Cardio in the sand.  This will help build the quick twitch muscles used
to jump higher and move quickly in the sand and ultimately on the hard court.  It is also great for
stamina building.

Practices will be held at the sand court at Rich Park
or cancel